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Robert Haven, Professional Portfolio Tambour beading Masterclass 2011
Tambour Beading Samples
Sabbatical 2009
Tambour Beading Instructional DVD
2007/154/1 Evening cap Tambour work, metallic thread, maker unknown, Europe, 1918-1920
Coggeshall Coggeshall is English Tambour hook Lace made in the first half of 19th century when machine made netting made this lace popular.
Couture Beading Lesley Coidan & Diana Vernon
Tambour gives birth to crochet Short paragraph
Paul Phillip Evans Fashion design and art embroidery by Paul Phillip Evans
Dawn R. Hutchins Home Decor & Couture Fashion
Powerhouse Museum Work of Maisie Jarratt.
Bjarne Drews Amazing work, not as many pictures as I'd like to see and many are broken links.
Google Books A couple of pages excerpted from Fine Embellishment Techniques by Jane Conlon.
Article on François Lesage  
Gallery of 1920s Vintage Clothing  
Karen Torrisi  
Limerick Tambour Lace Free pattern from Godey's Ladies Magazine (?)
Lucellan Living (Katya Gunn) Stomacher
Other beadwork
Mantua-Making Not sure if there's any tambour but here are gorgeous vintage costumes.
Encyclopedia of Needlework By Thérèse de Dillmont Scroll down for a section on tambour-work. The article suggests a number of patterns, originally intended for other kinds of embroidery can be executed in tambour work: Figure 192
Figure 210
Figure 216
Figure 219
Figure 227
Article A Lady and Her Tambour: The Heroine You Rarely See
Embroidery for belly dance costumes.  
Wendy Jonas  
Flamboyance - Corinne Meunier Flamboyance on Facebook
Hand & Lock The world's finest provider of hand embroidery since 1767.
Click on "Bespoke" and then click on the sublinks.
Bead work piece from The Brain Watkins House. Shows the back so you can see how it was stitched.
Cruz Barrientos  
beading as it is  
Christine, by Hand Traditional Suzani Chain Stitches Using A Tambour Hook
Embroidery Addict
Orchid - I think this is a Lesage project.
Tutorial - Chain Stitch in Tambour Work
Fashion is my Muse Blogger Ingrid Mida took a 1 day course at Lesage.
Fiona Paxton  
Jennifer Stumpf She took Bob Haven's 2010 Class
Shirlee Fassell  
Plays With Needles  
Tutorial Prick & Pounce Embroidery Design Transfer
Short Article at BellaOnline  
The Eager Needler  
Blog of Saridah Ibrahim from Malaysia Tutorial Part 1
Tutorial Part 2
Hedgehog Handworks Hard to find needlework supplies for needleworkers, costumers, and historical re-enactors.
Cartwright's Sequins &;amp; Vintage Buttons  
Simply Sequins UK
Sequins Direct  
Kari Me Away Purse Frames
Coy Expensive but gorgeous gold and silver plated purse frames.
Purse Paradise Purse Frames
Bag Lady Purse Frames
Beauvais-point embroidery lingeaucoeur In French/
Web site of this video. This page shows how the design is sketched and transferred to the fabric.
How to make a freestanding leaf out of silk ribbon  
Kantan Couture Instructional DVD (Part 1 of 2)
Part 2 - How to use the Kantan Bead Couture and accessories - Looks like a rug hook needle and it's held underneath. Show how to add beads and sequins.
Kantan Bead Couture  
Robert Haven's Videos Silk Shading
Tambour Beading
Tambour Beading Samples
Tambour Beading - An Introduction
My Beadworks Tambour Beading Demonstration  
Tambour Beading  
brodeuses Amazing to watch how fast and smoothly she goes.
FLAMBOYANCE Corinne MEUNIER Broderie Haute Couture In French. Beautiful examples including neck pieces.
Hand Beading in our factory, India. TCQ Texport Pvt Ltd  
HAND & LOCK - The Finishing Touch - Hand & Lock the world's finest suppliers of embroidery since 1767. Shows a brief bit of the foldover Bob showed us. Some hand, some machine. In London.
Hand & Lock Web site
Hand & Lock 2nd International Conference
Lesage In Russian.
Lesage parte 1  
Stitching with style: Lesage Haute Couture Alexandre Vauthier
Sequin Embroidery (India)