I don't own any of these books (yet!) so I can't verify what's in them. Many are obviously French and you can get them at I found them while researching and they all looking interesting.

Broderie d'art de Lunéville

Ecole Lesage Chez Vous

La Broderie de Lunéville

Fine Embellishment Techniques: Classic Details for Today's Clothing
by Jane Conlon
ISBN 9781561584963

Tambour Beading with a Ring Frame
by Maisie Jarratt
ISBN 0864176465

Embroidery Beading Designs and Technique
by Maisie Jarratt
ISBN 0864174799

How to Bead French Embroidery Beading
by Maisie Jarratt
ISBN 0864173725

Tambour Work
by Yusai Fukuyama
ISBN 0916896889

Bead Embroidery
by Joan Edwards
ISBN 0916896447

Haute Couture Embroidery: The Art of Lesage
by Palmer White
ISBN 0865650942 (well over $250!!)

Broderie de Perles & Paillettes (2005)
by Eve-Marie Boinay
ISBN 2844396410

Perles & paillettes: Broderie au crochet de Lunéville (2007)
by Eve-Marie Boinay
ISBN 2756500518

Broder Perles & Paillettes: 150 motifs
by Kennety D. King
ISBN 2737341396

A-Z of Bead Embroidery
by Sue Gardner

Tambour Work: 80 Patterns for Lacemakers and Embroiders
by by Yusai Fukuyama
ISBN 9780713483291

Point de Croix et autres secrets de broderie
Ecole Lesage